An Important First Initiative:

Wellness Factor's HRA is an evidence-based metric that provides data in about 9 categories of your organization's health.

This data is then used to guide you in designing and executing your specific wellness initiatives.

...a scientific measure of an individual
and group health

...29 micro-assessments to create awareness

Garnering Leadership - Employee - Family Participation:

...monthly/quarterly branded print and e-Newsletters that will keep your employees and their family members up-to-date on the latest advanced health sciences promote self-care and participation

...these 30 second reminders promote key events

Empowering Self-Care:

Corporate Health Report Card Determines Return on Investment:

At your one year anniversary, the results from a second HRA measure are used to create the Corporate Health Report Card. This report card helps you evaluate your return on investment from your wellness dollars spent on:

reduced mental health and stress

reduced physical health issues

reduced short/long term disability

Optional Support Tools:  

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